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"We can't thank you enough for inventing and formulating the Zymox Otic Enzymatic lotion. We had just purchased our lovely 2 year old Weimaraner. Never knowing how bad her ears were with excessive wax and yeast infection, etc. She hated the many harsh prescription creams from the vets. They did little to help her & only made the ears worse! Her violent & constant head-shakes (and ears scratched open) made us feel like new hopeless owners. Out of desperation we found you website & some other vets on the internet gave a thumbs for your product. Isabella's ears are clean & healthy now. She loves life, playing & not worrying about constantly digging her ears. Best of all, Excessive wax is gone after a short time & no more daily ear cleanings are necessary. Thanks again!"

Mr. & Mrs. D. Rowe, MendonNY

"I mistakenly kept my first dozen of Zymox on my pharmacy shelf for a long time. I chose to use Zymox on an ear that was not responsive to any antibiotic on my culture and sensitivity over a 4 week period of time. Zymox worked amazingly on this ear and cleaned up the infection in less than 2 weeks. Zymox is now my first choice for both yeast and bacterial infections."

Patrick H. Hafner DVM, DunedinFL

"I would like to say THANK YOU so very much for making Zymox Otic. I found your site on the web after my veterinarian and myself had exhausted every possible cure for my dogs ongoing ear infection of over a year and a half. Her ears had gotten so bad that they were completely swollen and she could hardly hear and was in pain constantly. Dr. Bilbrey had tried everything from ear meds to even eye meds in her ears, with no luck. Finally I decided to go on the web and found your site. After reading up on your product, I went directly to my vet the next day and she immediately ordered a bottle for my Sadie. This product has been a miracle for her. She now has no swelling and the green pus that had invaded her ears is completely gone. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for inventing such a wonderful product. (I tell everyone I can about your amazing solution)."

Debra Pinard, WestlandMI

"I had to tell you how your products have helped to end my dog's suffering. He's eleven years old, and has liver disease, and has suffered with yeast infections in his ears and feet for years. I have tried everything, but needed to avoid steroids/hycortisone because of his liver disease. Nothing seemed to help. Finally my vet suggested Zymox. It is like a miracle. I started with the 2 oz. spray bottles, but his bloody, yeasty feet were so bad that I was going through a bottle every day or two. Then I started to supplement with your medicated rinse. It's incredible...my dog actually lifts his feet so I can put it on his feet every night. I only wish I had discovered your product long ago. Even though his feet look good now, I stuill put the Zymox medicated rinse on every night. I do not want him to ever suffer again like he did.
Bless you for discovering a natural product that even a dog with a sick liver can tolerate. If I can be of any assistance in spreading the word, please let me know. Thank you."

Gail Bending, Kimba's Mom

Please Please Please NEVER stop being the distributor of Zymox OTIC...I have gone to 3 veterinarians over the years with one of my English Cocker...The bacterial infection had gotten so our of hand that it was to the point surgery was the next step!...Before making an appointment to take her to MSU I decided to try and see if someone on the European English Cocker Message Board had a suggestion. I was advised if I could get my hands on Zymox Otic that would do the trick, its the most amazing medication. Cocker's ears are clearing up!! This product has saved my dog from undue surgery and the expense on me. Thank you again!!! KUDOS!!!"

Lisa Gorman, Consumer, Grand Ledge, MI

"I see several cases of Otitis externa a day in my practice and it is the most common complaint that the owners have. I have used several medications (some homemade) and several approaches to correcting this annoying condition. All had limited success. A Webster sales rep, Steve Gerber, recommended I use this "new product called Zymox. It is not an antibiotic and will not cause bacterial resistance," he says. I tried this product and I have had great success. I have to say 98% of all the Otitis cases respond to the Zymox protocol. Occasionally I have to use it for more that 2 wks, but it does work. I have mixed feelings about this product. The great thing is this medications works extremely well; the bad thing is I have a shelf full of other medications I won't use any longer. Knowing how well Zymox works I won't dispense anything else. It is not fair to the client. The case that convinced me the most was a standard poodle that went to the groomer and came home with an ear infection. The groomer dispensed a medication which made the condition worse. I tried every medication I had with no success. After exhausting my otitis arsenal will no benefit I tried Zymox. I used it last because it just arrived and I wasn't thinking of using it. Keep in mind this ear had progressed to a very painful, reddened, irritated ear that neither the owners or I could touch. The next week, the dog came in and the ear condition was almost completely resolved. The dog allowed me to examine and flush out the ear without pain or discomfort. I have a life long client as a result, and it is due to this great product. This is a true story! Thank you for the great product."

Dennis J Dougherty, DVM, Bayport Village Animal Health CenterBayportNY 11705

"I stumbled across your web page one day and it sounded too good to be true. I had my vet order the Zymox for ear infections hoping it would help my Petey. Petey has had a chronic ear infection in one ear for 8 years. I have spent a fortune on vet bills and ointments trying to get both of us some relief. A shot in the dark, and I was amazed how fast it worked on her. She no longer has to go thru all the suffering and pain of that ear. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a miracle drug for my darling Petey. I just called the vet to order Petey the shampoo and rinse hoping it works on her skin allergies. Once I get those products I feel sure the skin problems will go away. I have so much faith in Zymox I can't wait to get the products."

Nancy Cox, Consumer, Mt. JulietTN

"I have been using Zymox-E in my dog's ears for over a year. My vet was ready to do surgery to remove my dog's ear canals as a last option. She has suffered terribly from yeast infections and the smell was horrible. After trying this product for several weeks, her ears have been fine since. I now only have to use it once a week. Thank you."

Zymox user

"I got our first sample of Zymox at an AAHA convention. Being a skeptic, I brought the bottle home and tried it on my worst chronic ear case.  (Even though the dog died 2 weeks later of other causes.) We were impressed with how well it worked and we ordered a dozen. We now use Zymox for all yeast and/or inflammatory otitis (2ndry to atopy). Almost all of our chronic otitis cases are using Zymox and have found that the ears are much improved and the pets are more comfortable. Most still use Zymox to maintain the ears through allergy season. We now buy Zymox 4 to 8 dozen at a time (every other month). We are very happy with the effectiveness of this product."

Kendyle M. Smith, DVM, Country View Animal HospitalBeloitWI

"Zymox combines all the desirable characteristics of an otic medication for cats and dogs. Its mechanism of action is effective against a broad spectrum of common bacteria and yeast, including antibiotic-resistant strains. The formulation is easy to administer, non-irritating, and safe for patients with a compromised tympanic membrane. Zymox with hydrocortisone offers a well-tolerated anti-inflammatory preparation with fewer adverse effects than longer duration corticosteroids. Our clinical impression of Zymox for resolving acute and chronic bacterial otitis externa is very favorable. Zymox is also useful for treating Malassezia infections, following a 2-week course of therapy. Our clients appreciate the natural ingredients found in this product."

William K. Kruesi, DVM, Cold River Center, North ClarendonVT

"The products are excellent. I use a large amount of Zymox as a first choice for any ear infection I see. I also use Zylafen for not only reptile skin infections, but also lipfold dermatitis/skinfold dermatitis and interdigital dermatitis in cats and dogs. I recommend these products to all the vets I work with."

Vincent Seccareccia, DVM, Ferguson Animal HospitalNorth ProvidenceRI

"Zymox is my first choice currently in all my otitis externa cases- mild or chronic. Clients love the ease of use! They don't have to worry about "digging" around in the ears to clean them and most of the dogs don't run and hide when they see them (owners) coming with the bottle."

Mary R. Rizzolo, DVM, An Alternate Choice, ClevelandOH

"Where can I get Zymox Shampoo? I've never had ANYTHING whip Shar-Pei ears into shape like your Zymox, so I have to assume that your shampoo and rinse are good products as well."

Cyndi Skinner, Consumer, VancouverWA

"I am writing to thank you for offering Zymox medicated drops in your product line.  We have been struggling with a recurring, chronic ear infection in my toy poodle for approximately six months. We have tried numerous products and modalities but nothing worked as quickly nor sustained the health of his ears like Zymox. The product provided immediate relief to my little poodle's ears and his ears remained clear. We are thrilled. Thank you so much."

Consumer, BrandonFL

"My own dog, a St. Bernard who is now 8 years old suffered from chronic ear infections.  I never got the results to clear up the infection for a long period of time. I tried Zymox on her and saw results in 2-3 days. I love it. It is so easy to use. I didn't know how this would work for other animals, so I ordered a small quantity and passed it on to a few "trial" patients. They all loved it! I find your product excellent and will continue to use it on my own dog and those willing to try a new product."

Veterinary Doctor, ColumbusMS

"I want to thank you for recommending Zymoz to be used not only on our Labs ears, but as a follow up to the Zymox shampoo and rinse. deCoucy has had what a lab termed as three different kinds of fungus on his skin. This condition has been with him for about a year now. Our vet started deCoucy on the Zymox shampoo and rinse in July. This treatment made all the difference in the world. His coat come back and the scabs went away, except for a few stubborn places. With the Zymox applied to these places, in less that 9 days the problem has gone away. We are happy and we know that our 8 year old Lab is even happier."

Diana Baker, Consumer, El Dorado SpringsMO